Is He Falling? 6 Signs He Completely Fallen for You

6 signs he completely fallen for you

The indicators that a guy likes you are very obvious, but how can you know if he truly likes you? In the dating scene, there are six signals that he has fallen completely for you.

Some are more visible than others; others are body language cues; and yet others are reflected in them spending time with you or making you happy.

If you want to know if a possible partner is truly in love with you, these are the most common and evident signs.

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  • He strives hard to make you laugh and keep you happy, caring genuinely about your well-being.
  • He is always there for you, eager to protect you and be by your side continuously.
  • Kisses, cuddling, and eye contact express his attraction and bond with you.
  • Introducing you to friends/family indicates that he envisions a real future with you.
  • Discussing future goals like kids implies that he sees you long-term.
  • His want to meet you frequently and understand everything about you displays his fascination.
  • Differentiating love from lust entails looking for true interest in your entire life.
  • Uncertainty, shyness, and prior hurts are some of the possible reasons he may not confess yet.
  • If you feel the same way, you can reciprocate by sending similar subtle indicators.

What are the 6 Signs He Has Completely Fallen for You in Love?

They are not satisfied simply knowing that their future mate likes them; they want to know if they are madly in love with them. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of six indicators he’s completely fallen for you.

1. He constantly attempts to make you laugh

When a man has strong affections for you, the first thing he wants to do is make you laugh. He understands how vital your well-being is in this relationship.

So he’ll attempt to make jokes about anything that’s appropriate. He wants to cheer you up on bad days and make you feel better on good days.

One significant advantage is that he shares the same sense of humor. Even if this isn’t the case, he’ll do his best to adjust to yours. He sometimes acts dumb because he has run out of decent jokes.

He understands that a good mood is a shortcut to your heart, but that is not why he makes you laugh; the fact that you are in a good mood is all that counts to him. This is the first of six signals that he has fallen completely for you.

2. He’s always by your side

Another good indication that he likes you is if he is always there for you—and I mean ALWAYS, whether it’s during the week or on weekends.

You want to establish a strong foundation for your partnership. He wants to be better friends and lovers after that, therefore he will stress over the smallest details.

If you phone him in the middle of the night and ask for a shoulder to weep on or any other type of assistance, he will respond within minutes.

A man who has fallen in love with you would do whatever it takes to keep you safe. The best part is that he won’t say anything about it; instead, he will demonstrate his affection for you through his actions. This is the second of six signals that he has completely fallen for you.

3. Constant kissing and cuddling

If he loves you, physical intimacy will inevitably occur. You can always expect kisses, no matter where you are or what the occasion is.

Although he enjoys expressing affection for you, what counts most is that he is unable to resist your beauty and kindness. There will not be a scarcity of pampering.

Simply being in your presence and capable of cuddling with you is enough to propel him to the title of the happiest guy on the planet. Every time he kisses you, his heart starts beating so fast that you can hear it.

This way, you can both feel safe. Trust your body language. It will expose numerous details that he is too shy to discuss. This concludes the third of six signals that he has entirely fallen for you.

4. Constant eye contact

One of the first signals that he is gradually falling in love with you is the longer eye contact you will undoubtedly notice.

This is an apparent sign: he is so drawn to you that he cannot take his gaze away from you. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and their purpose is to ensure that you are truly who you are.

When you’re chatting, looking into your eyes can indicate that he understands you on a deeper level. Furthermore, it is a private moment that may lead to more intimate interaction.

If you see him looking into your eyes, it means he likes you. This is the fourth of six signals that he has fallen completely for you.

5. He gives you an introduction to his loved ones.

If he develops serious feelings for you, he would undoubtedly introduce you to his loved ones.

I don’t even need to mention what a fantastic sign this is. He values and loves you so much that he wants to present you to his family.

He even addresses you by the sweet nicknames you use for each other in front of them. So if he hasn’t introduced you to his family, it’s possible that he isn’t ready for that level of commitment.

However, you will have earned it if he has introduced you to his entire social circle and family. Prepare for an alliance. You have received the fifth of six indicators indicating that he has entirely fallen for you.

6. Discuss future plans with you.

Talking about the future with you is one of the clearest indicators that he is falling in love. To put it briefly, it is obvious that she wants to deepen her relationship with you if she shares her preferred baby names with you.

Talking about your ideal home, your career goals, and the names of your kids is a clue that he wants a serious, committed relationship with you rather than a light one.

You seem like someone he could marry and who would make the ideal mother for his kids. The final indication that he has fallen deeply in love with you is this. The true query, though, is: Are you prepared to live out the rest of your days with him?

The thrill of a new love

signs he completely fallen for you

A guy who falls in love with you is likely to be impatient with you.

He wants to know everything about you, including your minor eccentricities. He wants to see you every day and be involved in your life. This is a strong indication that he desires a long-term relationship with you.

Emotional intimacy leads to physical intimacy. They will kiss you whenever possible, and cuddling will be a significant component of your ”love session.

However, for other girls, this may be a major red sign. They prefer not to hurry into a relationship and show too much affection at first.

Is he in love with you, or is it only lust?

Even if you know he has fallen completely in love with you, you may worry if he truly wants to connect on a deeper level or if it is all lust for him.

You will know lust as a continual need for physical closeness and only that. But love is both passionate and sympathetic.

Furthermore, they will not engage with you as much on social media because they only require it to meet you. They won’t be interested in your life outside of the bedroom if it’s all about lust.

All of these signals indicate that he does not want to start a new relationship and that this is only lust for him. We’ve already shared the six signals he’s absolutely fallen for you. Want to learn more? Please continue reading.

What keeps you from confessing?

So, if you follow these six indicators that he has entirely fallen for you, you may be asking why he hasn’t told you explicitly.

There are numerous reasons for this, but we’ll focus on the most prevalent.

1. He isn’t sure how you feel.

Most of the time, the only thing keeping him from publicly admitting that he is madly in love with you is that he is unsure whether you feel the same way.

He’s scared that confessing will ruin your good connection and make things worse, especially if you’re coworkers. It would be hard seeing you at work every day if you broke up.

As a result, he is waiting for a clear sign from you before labeling your relationship.

 2. He is timid.

Another reason you haven’t done it yet is that you are bashful and don’t know how to approach admitting your feelings properly.

Even if you’ve been dating for a long time, some people are introverted and don’t open up easily. They don’t like discussing their emotions, but actions speak louder than words.

That is why you should not rush things; allow him to take his time. You don’t need a confession if you know he respects and loves you in every manner.

3. Negative prior experience.

A person’s fear of rejection is legitimate, particularly if they have previously had a negative experience.

It is possible that all was well with your ex at the time, but she rejected him when he began to discuss his emotions. This can have a significant impact, and it is not surprising that he developed an irrational dread of rejection.

He is likely currently waiting for your initial move because he cannot take the chance of being injured again.

4. You struggle with commitment.

Difficulties with commitment may hinder your satisfaction in a relationship. Regaining his trust after a negative experience in the past would pose a formidable obstacle for him to do so once more.

You may have devoted years to your ex-partner, but they ultimately decided to separate from you. One should not be surprised by one’s fear of commitment.

Due to his genuine affection for you, he is unable to terminate the relationship despite his apprehension that you will reciprocate his actions. Consequently, you are currently ambivalent regarding these two options.

5. His current action is to await your confession.

He might be awaiting your confession for a variety of motives. You may be timid, apprehensive, and fearful of rejection, or you may struggle with making commitments.

Regardless, he would rather remain silent and allow you to initiate the conversation. The issue is whether you have additional justifications for delaying the discussion of your emotions.

Possibly you have no issues whatsoever, or you are extremely proud. Someone should take the initial step regardless.

How to express your affection for a man at the same time

If you like him, you don’t want to give him the impression that you aren’t interested. I understand how difficult this might be if you’ve had negative experiences in the past and developed certain insecurities.

However, the best advice I can give you is to believe your instincts and these six signals that he has truly fallen for you.

You do not have to say directly, “Hey, I really like you.” Instead, you can make some subtle hints that you like him.

Try to send the same signals as him. She makes use of lengthy eye contact, hugs, and kisses. Discuss his future plans and schedule meetings with his family and friends.

You won’t say anything like that, but he will know you like him!


Yes, there are many other indicators that he likes you, but these six signs that he has fallen in love with you will undoubtedly transform your life.

These are definite indications that he wants to connect with you on a deeper level, and that everything is extremely important to him. So, what is your next step?

Girl, proceed if you are ready for a new relationship and believe he is the appropriate person for you. But take it easy—even the worst people may conceal negative tendencies from him.

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